Who is Natalie Heslop?

“Express yourself…” ~

I’m special just as you are, however as this page is asking the question of who am I, I shall not digress and get to the point.

I am a creative individual that loves to step outside of the comfort zone.  Some of the many ways I have challenged myself are:

  • Performed in a community theatre musical called, “Amazing Augustine”.  Mind you this was my first foray into theatre, let alone on stage and with the extra discomfort of singing a solo all for the love of my passion in acting.  Guess what? Much to my shock, I now love theatre!
  • After declaring several years ago on social media,  “I’m not a slave to fashion and can’t understand those who religiously follow trends”, I “fell” into creating fashion shows and still do when the opportunity arises and yes I now love producing creative events.  More on this another time.
  • I took a cert IV in Accounting even though I am pathetic with financials, I simply felt I had to prove to myself that I can overcome and confront my weakness in this area, however my practical experience in accounting did sensibly compliment my knowledge in Administration (again I’m digressing).

It is hard for me to not digress, however if I don’t you simply wouldn’t understand the  complete paradox that I am, the way I will despise something and then grow to love it. I’m sure however many people can relate to this type of nature and I’m not too much of a strange individual.





2 thoughts on “Who is Natalie Heslop?

    1. Hello Uldiz! Wow thank you! I just noticed this now 😀 I will write up a follow up blog in gratitude to the nomination in response and follow the rest of the guidelines to receive the nomination! I’m having a bit of blog inspiration block at the moment! I hope to post a blog up now 😀

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