Fairy tales – Remixed

If Cinderella lost both her slippers, the clock broke..midnight never came, Beauty never found her beast, Snow White could not emerge out of a coma would your life be any different?

Supposedly waiting for the elusive Prince Charming
Supposedly waiting for the elusive Prince Charming. Oh wait I can hear him, croaking over yonder by the waterfall ..

Having grown up with these fairytales whether they be force fed through movies or books I can’t help but wonder would I have had a different expectation of men and life in general without this subconscious seeding?

The general pattern in all these fairy tales is the obvious, females portrayed as the victim with only a male able to save them from their otherwise dreary futures.

It is time to re-write all these outdated fairytales to suit society’s ‘progressive’ outlook on life.

We could have females for instance saving the lives of men, who would otherwise be facing a solitary life just staring into the screen of their phone…on their own 😉

The possibilities to re-write fable history is endless!

Where shall I begin?


Plenty of fish in the sea
“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then”, Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.






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