Presented with a Gift

In “Keeping the Passion Alive” I had walked away from a very unique call back for a lead role in a feature film.  Life after this particular call back  was back to normal although in a somewhat limbo sense as I had such a magnetic pull to this role.  After trying not to think about the whole experience for almost a week I was put out of my misery when I received the call from the director to congratulate me on landing the lead role!  I felt as though I had one foot on land and one foot in water treading that fine line wondering whether I really manifested my dreams to come true.

Sneak peak of my audition painting.

Without giving too much away, as part of my research for this role I have been urged to watch films made by David Lynch known for his movie like TV series, “Twin Peaks”, whom I am now a die hard fan of. I thought I was one of the few dreamers in this world who thought somewhat backwards to the majority of people however once I watched David Lynch’s mystifying and at times very disturbing surreal like films I felt I had found my kindred legendary director!  I had always been a Kubrick or Hitchcock fan but to be honest the more I learn about David the more I agree with his outlook and thus he has lynched my heart and mind completely (couldn’t help myself ;).

One of David Lynch’s painting’s.

To also confirm the steps taken to this point, I have experienced an amazing amount of synchronicity’s which on their own could make an interesting and even scary film, I definitely have enough material to write a blog about on their own!

David Lynch, the imagination transporter.
My favourite David Lynch film; Mulholland Drive

Ever since I have received this news, time has flown by with filming milestones swiftly reached from receiving the dream script to sitting in with an outstanding director to cast the protagonist of the film to my first make up test.

Post make up test, feeling fresh.

As an actor to sit in on the judging panel during the audition process was one very privileged experience as I could learn so much from others and humbly use this knowledge going forwards. The knowing of whether an actor is right for the part is felt almost instantly and when you feel that knowledge you almost don’t even need it to be proven through scene play however when it is acted out, it always confirms what is initially felt. The director and I both agreed on the right actress and I’m really looking forward to working with this talented gem.


In respect to the creative process and the crew primarily the film maker, I can’t reveal any more except for the fact I’m over the moon and look forward to sharing some insight from behind the scenes in due course.

Thank you for following my journey.

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