Keeping the Passion Alive in 2017

It has been a long time dream and goal of mine to land a lead role in a feature film so when I finished playing a lead role in a short Punjabi Sikh film titled, “Nishchay Kar Aapni Jeet Karo” late last year in 2016 I knew I was close to achieving this goal.

Behind the scenes of Punjabi Sikh short, “Nishcay Kar Aapni Jeet Karo”

Thus entering 2017, a numerological number one year symbolising a time of beginnings I was stoked to land an audition for a leading role in…you guessed it a feature film! Without trying to get too emotionally charged about the opportunity, I felt very strongly about this audition than any other as the role felt familiar to me playing a creative, whimsical, bohemian yet driven character.

Pre Audition selfie

When I received a message a few days later to attend a call back I still tried my best not to get too excited yet inside I was naturally over the moon.

As an artist it is hard not to be swayed by your feelings as this is what drives you to deliver a performance so to subdue them is almost impossible contrary to what we are advised!   Regardless I put on my professional demeanor and attended the call back with props and costume at the ready as requested.  What made this call back different from any other is I was required to paint onto canvas. It has been a long time since I have painted however as a child and teen I always thoroughly enjoyed art and actually really missed expressing this part of me.  Again I tried my best to not get too excited and let myself slip into the role.

Various past (amateur) work with background image featuring the beginnings of a tree painting outline created during the call back ~

I came away from the call back feeling as though I stepped out of a dream, did I really just get into character? I felt as if I truly stepped into another realm or dimension for a moment.  I quickly shrugged off this experience and tried my best to forget about it all as actors this is our only way to protect ourselves from the potential news of rejection.


To be continued…

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