In the eye of the beholder lies the reflection within ~

She delicately lingers upon your lips, boldly flaunts her wares to the fortunate few, enhancing the locks upon the crown of the blessed, her glimmer radiating off well balanced physiques, nonchalantly basking in her unjust delight whilst being cruelly elusive to those who seek her as she curses those who embody her yet makes those without her seek her wantonly as though their lives depend on it, throwing their money away for her folly.  She is wanted, her power legendary, adored by both male and female alike, she holds supernatural ability uniting beings, restoring peace, yet inciting rage in those longing for her physically.   Her  splendour is everywhere you look, she makes hearts beat faster, sighs last longer, she is a vision of love manifested,  her name is beauty and encompasses only truth and purity, in the eye of the beholder ~


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