Fascinated by Miss Haidee Millinery ~


The day I heard the news I was to model for an amazing Tasmanian milliner by the name of Miss Haidee Millinery, I knew I was in store for a most memorable and delightful journey I would treasure forever.

Trying on all of Miss Haidee’s Millinery’s the night before the big day was like a dream or a fairytale, every headpiece took me to a different place, one moment I would feel like a queen wearing aptly named fascinator, “Regal”, then once I put on another fascinator named, ¬†“Natalie” ūüėȬ†I felt like I was a Russian cinderella attending a royal ball held in the Siberian Taiga Forest!

Fascinator: “Sandra”

I knew I was in good hands come photo shoot day,  with hair salon, Audrey Hair, styled by Jane Howlett and photographed by my trusted mentor, photographer, Helen Quinn! Together with another model, the beautiful Danielle Norris, we went to a number of locations with beautiful backdrops all flattering the millinery perfectly.  Modelling with horses was an interesting challenge which we just about managed,  an affectionate nip on the shoulder from handsome Gino gave me further confidence in my poses!

“Magic Millions Gold Bow Hat”

Fascinators are the perfect head wear for women who are not sure about wearing hats or for ladies who would still like to show off their luscious locks. ¬†Haidee Millinery takes fascinators to another level and really gives fascinators the¬†credit they deserve in her outstanding creations. ¬†With an education at The British School of Millinery in England and her talent extending to designing and creating children’s wear, the quality in Haidee Neil’s work is visible and felt.

Fascinator: “Florente”

Helen Quinn’s photo’s ¬†give you an idea of the beauty of Miss. Haidee’s Millinery however true magic manifests¬†when you place one of her creations upon your own crown and become the majestic individual¬†you were¬†born to be!


Fascinator: “Bunty”


Milliner: https://www.misshaidee.com.au/

Photography: HQ Photography

Hair: Audrey Hair Tasmania

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