Yesterday vs Tomorrow

Imagine a time where phones didn’t exist, mobile’s unheard of and the term throwback thursdays was non existent.

First world struggles were real and not to be mocked.  Women of all class proudly embraced their femininity, yet vanity only afforded by the well to do.

Is it right to say how far we have come?Have we reached a point where both genders are treated fairly and equally? Have we evolved? Where food is fast? Relationships dissipate quicker than you can agree to an upgrade on your fries? Romance left us in the love songs of the 80s.  Yet who would have thought the internet would bring us friendships that can be made in an instant crossing continents? Fund me charities created within minutes to help bring aide to any crisis in need worldwide.  Corruption can now be revealed in articles online at the touch of a key.

Do we hold onto what was? Or do we grasp onto what will be? What control do we have for the past? It’s time to let go of the past, history will always remain a mystery.

Don’t let your spirit be weighed down with unnecessary misery, for our future is yet to be written.

The birth of the future is right within you, in the form of what you allow to see, eat, hear and say.

Original photo by Helen Quinn Photography

Featured image credit to: Yakovlev and Aleeva

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